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EC Does It, Who Are We To Judge, Let’s Get PERSonal, SOBs, Better Late Than Never, Whyo, Whyo Do They Call Me From I O Wa. 
by Vice President Knight Allen 

Originally published on May 8, 2019 - reprinted with permission 

    Let's start with the Electoral College (EC).
Back on April 7th the LVRJ reported that nine Democratic candidates for President have come to Nevada. Since that time more have jumped in and some of the nine have probably come back.  We are an important state. Not just for the early Primary but more for our Electoral College votes. Those votes and this state will be irrelevant if the Popular Vote campaign succeeds.

    AB186 seeks to have Nevada join and force our Electors to vote for whoever wins the popular vote regardless of who won the popular vote in Nevada. The Presidential election will be decided in four states: New York, Florida, Texas and California and, actually, by 5 or 10 counties in those states.

    AB186 has passed the Assembly and is now , as of this writing, in the Senate. Call Carson City (it's a local call) 702-486-2626. Ask the Switchboard Operator the status of the bill. If it hasn't passed the Senate yet ask for the Senate message center and leave a message to support the Electoral College and oppose AB186. If it has cleared the Senate  and is on the Governor's desk, then call his office here at the Sawyer Building and ask him to veto AB186; (702) 486-2500.
    Tilting at windmills? Probably.
         Worth the effort? Absolutely.

    Back in the March Foghorn I gave you a heads up that the royal elite of the legal profession was making another run at us to give up our right to elect judges and turn the judiciary over to them.  It was AJR9 and as amazing as it is to me, it died in the Assembly. When you dodge a bullet, you don't ask questions. You just count yourself lucky.

    The PERS secrecy bill SB224 is alive and well. The interesting thing about this is the doubts about it being raised across the political spectrum. On the right Victor Joecks in the LVRJ on March 1 pointed out that two of the sponsors are David Parks and Joyce Woodhouse, both retired government employees with six figure pensions. On the left Steve Sebelius in the LVRJ on March 31 expressed concerns about, as written, it's subject to serious abuse.
Governor Sisolak was an open records supporter as Commissioner. Maybe a veto?

   Other proposals:
SJR5 annual sessions of the legislature - again.
SB294 Bill would keep some internal police reviews from public view.
SB135 Collective bargaining for state employees. I covered this in the March 14 Foghorn. It is probably a lock and that is just too bad for us.
  Choice in education is under attack from so many different ways this session  I can't even keep track. It's just a bad year for freedom in education. T his is one of the worst direct results of us making Nevada a one-party state.
  SB287 The headline in the LVRJ on April 8 was funny: " Penalties  for withholding records? Officials object." The people withholding the records object to a bill which would hold them accountable? I can't believe that. Can you? Why it's just not possible is it? The bill to put some teeth into the open records law is supported by an interesting coalition called "Right to Know." I looked it up and thought you might like to know who they are.
  ACLU, Citizen Outreach, Nevada Business Magazine’, CDC Gaming Reports, KOLO Channel 8 Reno, LVRJ  League of Women Voters, NV, Nevada Current, NPRI,  Nevada Press Association, News 3 LV,  Reno Gazette -Journal,  Society of Professional Journalists,  LV Nevada Independent.
   Missing? the Las Vegas Sun. I wouldn't want you to think I left them off on purpose. Of course, to be fair they could be in the Nevada Press Association.

        STOP THE PRESSES!                 CLEAR THE DECK!                  BREAKING NEWS
   In my constant effort to keep you up to date on the most recent happenings I'm pleased to report to you an article in the Wall Street Journal on April 17 headlined: "Government agency wraps up its case a century later".
  The Justice Department wants to end its breakup of Standard Oil which it started in 1911. The case has remained open all this time and someone at Justice decided maybe it's time to go to court and close it down.
    But wait. There's more"
  The DOJ wants to close its case against the Master Horseshoers National Protective Association of America which barred 13 defendants from blocking competition in markets for "drilled  horseshoes, adjustable calks or rubber hoof pads."
   Also on the hit list they are closing the case against the Music Roll Dealers Association.
  Plus a 1918 decree against American Cone and Wafer Company to stop controlling prices on - you guessed it - ice cream cones.
  And last but not least the DOJ wants to terminate the case against Eugene Debs, who has been dead for almost a century from disrupting mid-western Railroads.
    Who says government can't get the job done?

    I got a telephone political survey on April 30. I can't even tell you why I didn't hang up. Anyway here's how it went.
   "This is an automated survey."
  Q1: Are you 18 years of age and a registered voter in Iowa?
  I looked out my window and didn't see a cornfield so I figured the correct answer must be No.
I pushed 2 to record it and heard: "That's the end of the survey. You are now going to be disconnected."
     I tell you folks the world of politics isn't going crazy, it IS crazy.

Vice-President Knight Allen can be reached at:  

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