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by Vice President Knight Allen 

Originally published on April 11, 2019 - reprinted with permission 

    In the November Foghorn I wrote that it is a serious mistake to give one political party total, unchecked control of government, at any level. Here in Nevada we gave it to the Republicans in 2014 and wound up with the biggest tax increase in our history.

    Then in 2018 we gave it to the Democrats, and I asked: Who's the big winner? Answer: Government Inc. The SEIU, Inc. - AFSCME, Inc. - NSEA, Inc. - Police & Fire, Inc. - State of Nevada Employees Association, Inc. - Nevada League of Cities, Inc. - Nevada Association of Counties, Inc. (NACO)." So, how's it going so far?

    SB294 Would shield some internal police reviews" -LVRJ Feb.13, 2019. A good bill for Police, Inc.

  SJR5 Annual sessions of the Legislature. Two of its supporters are Joyce Woodhouse, retired School District employee with a pension of $109 thousand and David Parks, retired County employee whose pension is only $104 thousand. A grab for the apple every year instead of every other year. Wonderful for Government, Inc. if we are mindless enough to pass it when it gets to the ballot.

  SB224 This is the PERS secrecy bill which if passed will effectively shut out the public from knowing anything about a government employee's income (see Woodhouse and Parks above).

    AB462 Shuts down any new charter schools until 2021 and then on to infinity if the NSEA and their legislative puppets have anything to say about it.

  SB135 Collective bargaining for state workers. The LVRJ article on April 5th talked all about the poor state workers compared with other state workers that have collective bargaining. Not one single word about the private sector. Why should there be? The private sector has no place in AFSCME's world.

    Fact: At year end 2017 (last full year reported) the average state government wage in Nevada was $52,984. Local government was $55,423. Private sector was $46,971. That's 13% behind state and 18% behind local.

  Then there's AJR9, another run at us by the elites to convince us to give up our right to elect judges. And for goodness sake don't forget SJR14 which will be on the ballot in 2020 and seeks to completely restructure our property tax system away from one that benefits us to one that totally serves government.
    All Hail and bow to the power of Government, Incorporated!

    Some news items in no particular order.
LVRJ on March 16, 2019; "Sanders campaign workers get union representation." First time ever. Can't you just see them calling a strike just before the election. Talk about leverage.

LVRJ March 16, 2019; "Co-founder of Southern Poverty Law Center fired." This is an organization that's gone off the deep end basically accusing anyone or group that doesn't conform to the statist mantra hateful extremists. There are at least three lawsuits pending against it and last year a British organization won a multimillion-dollar lawsuit. I think it was Teddy Roosevelt who said muckrakers need to know when to stop raking the muck. I guess that's hard to do with tens of millions of dollars coming in every year.

LVRJ March 16, 2019; "Manifesto called similar to one by Norwegian killer." The New Zealand mass shooter's manifest ties in to the themes of Breivik who killed 77 people in 2011. He was caught and is now serving a 21-year prison sentence 21 years for 77 lives. One year for every 3.6 people killed. Ah, to be such an enlightened society.

    A follow up to the genetic males demanding to compete in girls' sports from the Wall Street Journal on March 16, 2019. There are now 17 states allowing high school athletes to compete as the gender they identify with whether or not they have had medical intervention. "By age 14 the fastest High School boys are beating women's world records."

    A very interesting article in the Wall Street Journal on March 2, 2019: "Trump and the revolt of the Somewheres." The premise is that the real division in our country is between the Somewheres and the Anywheres . Somewheres: Local communities, families, local clubs and congregations. Socially conservative, patriotic. Anywheres: Cosmopolitan, educated, mobile and networked. Have more influence on the Administrative State and the "Declarative governance by judges and bureaucrats." I found it interesting. Give it some thought yourselves. What I really enjoyed was a letter to the editor in response printed on March 16 from Nancy I Johnson, Papillion, Nebraska: " If all the Anywheres disappeared tomorrow, the Somewheres would say good riddance and we would get on with our lives. If all the Somewheres disappeared tomorrow the Anywheres would starve to death, being unable to operate machinery of any kind, to farm, hunt, fix their plumbing or do anything except whine."

    Final note: The killer eggs are back! WSJ on March 16th: "Eggs may not be that great for you after all" How many times in your life have eggs gone from being one of the most basic and best foods to life threatening and back again? And again? And again? Sheesh.

Have a good month and enjoy your eggs.

Vice-President Knight Allen can be reached at:  

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