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by Vice President Knight Allen 

Originally published on December 13, 2018 - reprinted with permission 

    Have you been following the rebellion of the French people against President Emmanuel Macron's gas tax increase? If you have then you are probably aware the Macron government first put a six month hold on the tax and then when that didn't satisfy the protesters he cancelled it. But that didn't put a stop to the riots. So, what's going on? Let's look at the gas tax. To start, the tax is already up 20% since the start of the year. A gallon of gas, (adjusted Euro to dollars) is around $6.59.  For comparison my corner gas station is selling regular for $3.16.

    Again, if you've been following it the gas tax opened a wound in the French working, rural class described in an article in the December 5th Las Vegas Review Journal as "the anger at Macron and the perceived elitism of France's aloof ruling class." Is the perception correct? Yes. Macron has made it absolutelyclear he intends tomake France the world leader implementing the Paris Climate Accords. He has also made it clear he has no concern whatprice the French people will have to pay for his eco-terrorist ego aggrandizement.

    According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development France is the most heavily taxed among the world's richest countries. The tax burden is at 46.2% of GDP. In the US it is 27.1% which includes all levels of government.

    With approval ratings as low as 23%, Steffy Hortobagyi, a social worker in Limoges said: "I can thank him (Macron) for one thing: he has united the French people." - Wall Street Journal 12/8/18

    Is Macron a 21st Century Louis XVI and is France spiraling into a new Terror? Hopefully not, with Macron now talking about lowering taxes and recognizing rather than ignoring the turmoil in the streets things might startgetting better.

    There have been a series of attacks on the U.S. Senate and its very legitimacy as an institution by regressive statists who clearly can't stand republicanism as asystem of government and continue to sell the snake oil of democracy. Two columns in the Las Vegas Sun (where else?) articulated the statist case. The first was by Paul Krugman on 11/12/2018, "Senate and demographic trends have interacted with political change to make the Senate deeply unrepresentative of American society."

   Krugman is very upset, if not outraged, that the Senate gives 600,000 people in Wyoming the same representation as almost 40 million living in California. Of course, in typical arrogant elitist fashionit doesn't bother him one iota that the 600,000 in Wyoming have no voice at all in the democracy structured House of Representatives. He then moves on to cleverly (give the devil his due) create two Senates. One he calls Senate America the other, Real America. Senate America is largely rural, under educated and white. Real America is urban, highly educated, racially and culturally diverse. To Krugman Senate America represents a clear and present danger to his view of an all powerful central government run by people just like him that need not be bothered with the concerns of those living in Senate America. Oh my! What a wonderful world it will be.

   The second article was written by a Burt Neuborne and appeared on 11/20/2018. He says the thing to do to fix the undemocratic Senate is to take "the six biggest states exceeding 12 million people - CA, TX, NY, Fl, Pa and IL and split them in two creating 12 new senators. He then goes on to play with the numbers all the way up to 29 states and 58 new senators. He does articulate quite a few problems executing the program, (no kidding) but says, " The important thing is there's a constitutional way to rescue the Senate from its current undemocratic condition."

   His idea is a house of cards built on a foundation of quicksand. He starts with the completely wrong assumption the the Senate was, originally, a democracy institution. He even calls his idea "a Democracy Restoration Act," and says if enacted would "restore the Senate's democratic legitimacy." What he really means is he wants to destroy the Senate's republican legitimacy, an idea that should not be accepted by anyone except, of course, the regressive statists who I'm sure are already in love with the concept.

   The ironic part of all this is that Krugman and Neubornehave nothing to fear. Hiding behind the facade of democracy and progressive, statism is on the march. Consider the states the are clearly turning or have turned blue: Colorado, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Florida, Texas and Arizona. Here in Nevada we have gone pure blue, ultimately the genius of the Founders will reflect the changing demographics and values of America. I would only caution anyone thinking this is a great end game to not believedemocracy will have anything to do with the way you are governed by a statist government.

   Would you like to get an idea how much fun it can be when you're an active participant in the world of Letters to the Editor? Here we go:

  1. In an Nov 17 letter a probably shell shocked Republican writes in the he can't understand the Democrats' massive sweep when they are going to raise property taxes.
  2. On Nov 22 a cheery loyal Democrat asks if there is any evidence the Democrats want to raise property taxes and then says, "Nope."
  3. On Nov 29 I document the Democrats most certainly are looking raise property taxes by reporting on SJR14, a Constitutional amendment to do just that which is already halfway through the legislative process before coming to us in 2020 for a vote.
  4. On Dec 7, 2018 a tax happy Democrat writes in that SJR14 "is a fair way of raising property tax revenue without raising everyone's property taxes."

It was fun to be part of that since the only thing I wanted to do was eliminate the idea the Democrats don't have property taxes on their agenda. Obviously I did that because the Dec 7 letter moves on using "the best defense is a good offense" technique claiming SJR14 is "fair."

I am not going to respond to the Dec 7 letter for two reasons, First the Review Journal won't print it. Second and much more important is it is way, way too early in the game to be documenting everything that's wrong with SJR14. That will come in 2020 when SJR14 hits the ballot. The Dec 7 writer is welcome to have the last word - for now.

   Best wishes for a Happy Holiday Season, a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year.

Vice-President Knight Allen can be reached at:  

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