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Carless, Moneyless, Toothless, Nomination, Abomination
by Ken Mahal, NSC President
Originally published on  October 9, 2008 - reprinted with permission


   Come the new year of 2009 not only will we have a new president, there may even be something closer to home that will impact we retired folks in Nevada. Senator Dennis Nolan chairman of the Nevada State Senate Transportation Committee has stated that it is time to discuss what can be done to keep drivers off the road when they lack the faculties to continue driving. I can think of a number of situations that would cover those other than senior citizens but in Senator Nolanís case it surely is going to be a hit on us older drivers. Right now the system seems to work pretty good as is so I guess that would mean some member of the legislature is surely going to make life more difficult for we older drivers that are still driving and hope to keep our ability to do so for a goodly number of years more into the future. A number of years ago the owner of one of the taxi companies in Las Vegas offered to help out the community if need be by giving a decent price break to we older folks who might need to give up their license to drive and use his taxi company as a reasonable alternative. As far as money goes we all know that owning a car is not cheap but the convenience of the car has no equal. That being the case there is so much to consider before taking ones driving rights away from them that it would be almost impossible to write something into law that would make the senator happy and have us not want to do him in for anything he might come up with. I know what it is like to give up a driverís license because wife Agnes turned hers in several months back when she knew she would no longer want to chance driving anymore. This showed good sense on her part and had she not done so I know that I would have watched her like a hawk until she saw it herself. I am very proud and sadden at the same time that she had to quit driving. Now her little Miata convertible with 10,000+ miles sits in the garage and I have to drive it every so often to keep the battery up. The only reason to keep it is if my van goes to the garage and I need transportation. Pretty expensive in a year when it is just for convenience. Back to Mr. Nolan. We must all keep our eyes and ears open to be on top of any crazy ideas that may come up in the 2009 legislature. The position by AARP is that a family member should be on top of that problem. Then we can say, what about those who have no family to look out for such a situation. Then I guess it will be a friend or friends that do the looking out for our driving. It is interesting to note that the oldest licensed driver in Nevada is 102 according to the article in the Las Vegas Review Journal. Letís all keep our diligence on this issue for a starter in 2009.


   I donít know how many of you remember Harry Truman and his win of 1948 when the Chicago Daily Times the day after the election had a headline that read ďDewy defeats TrumanĒ. Well I am not saying that it will be like wise this time but it sure looks likes this election could be another barn burner like Harry Trumanís was. For one I will be so glad to see and hear the last of this campaign. What ever happens we are sure seeing new things happen every day. And in this case I am talking about the multi billion dollars bail out and the triple digit drop in the stock market taking the Dow below 10,000 for the first time in 4 years. This is sure not a time to be faint of heart if one has money in the market. In fact where do you put your money if it isnít some place already? I for one got out of the stock market back in 2000 and have been in mostly tax free bonds ever since. This has meant a cash flow for income and in Nevada one advantage of living here is that you can own tax free bonds from any other state and not be impacted by state taxes since we do not have a tax on bonds or income. One could buy gold in 1oz coin, or invest in the market if one has a strong heart and can take the gyrations of the market. There is no doubt that if one has a lot of money it will be a good time to invest in the market if one can find a company they believe in. I know most of us are lucky to have enough money to pay our weekly and monthly bills that come due just in order to exist. Maybe our politicians should all be at least eighty years old and having had to save and struggle like those of us who have been out of a job per say some thirty years more or less. Then they might appreciate how we have to be so frugal in order to make ends meet. I often think our elected officials have no real sense of what it is like being older, having to have saved and with little income over and above social security to play with. What a difference their attitudes would be.


   Speaking from recent experience because of medicine, old age or who knows what I have had the last two thirds of my teeth extracted (doctor says) or jerked out as I say only after a lot of thought and looking at the moneybox to see if I could pay for it. You no doubt have seen the colored ads in the paper or the TV adds from a group called Clear Choice. After a lot of thinking I went with the so called one stop old teeth out and new teeth in, sort of that is. This was about a month ago and I am finally getting over the swelled chipmunk look and black and blue you should see the other guy look. These people have been very first class in taking care of me and what a change to be on artificial teeth after all these years with my God given ones. They put you out and do the extractions, suture the gumís together, then slip the premade gums with teeth over the bleeding gums while at the same time anchoring down with four upper anchors and four lower anchors the temporary gums and teeth. This all stays in place for four months to allow for healing and then a set of new gums and teeth are mounted over the healed gums and the permanent anchors now hold in the new permanent teeth and gums to hope fully last forever. In my case at age 87+ how long can it be. I do hope to get my moneys worth out of it of course.


   It is that time of the year again when we think of new officers for 2009; we nominate them in November and elect them in December. Only those who have been members since before September are authorized to be elected or to be able to vote. At the next meeting in November Florence will present officers for nomination and the floor will be open for added nominations and voted on at the December meeting.


   A month ago my computer crashed and unlike Vern I donít backup too much and lost a lot including the hard drive. A new experience all computer owners learn about the hard way. So if you have a computer and need to do it, be sure to remember and do it. What is that? Back up your computer on a regular basis saving the information that you feel is important to save for future use. You wonít be sorry I guarantee it.