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Corruptions, Prescriptions, Subscriptions and Deportations
by Ken Mahal, NSC President
Originally published on  May 11, 2006 - reprinted with permission


  Can you believe it? The motherly Mary Kincaid Chauncey isnít the nice motherly and so honest lady that we have all been lead to believe as we learned in the case decided against her in of all things a wiggle pole joint scam. Many of us over the years who were fighting for clean air could always count on Commissioner Mary to be on the side of the developers and contractors that created so much of the dirty brown cloud that just grew and grew. What was and is so dangerous about that brown cloud is its combination of dirty un-burned diesel combined with desert fine talcum powder dust that causes so much respiratory illness. This has been and is a major health problem that can affect all of us including yours truly after some 20 plus years of breathing this filthy air. What is so sad is that real enforcement would have prevented that deadly brown cloud from ever being in existence in the first place. The reason this is so deadly is that the combination of diesel with the thousands of yearís old undisturbed talcum fine dust can and most likely does carry many things bad for our health beyond our imagination. In fact there is good likelihood that a lot of our undisturbed soil could have carry over from even the most recent of things ,the explosions at the test site.
  Sure itís important to get Kincaid-Chauncey, Herrera, Kenny and Malone all ex commissioners and we congratulate the feds on that, but now we hope there are even greener pastures like in huge land deals by the hundreds of millions. Is there no smoking gun in any of that? As I recall a lot of that type of information was provided to the federal authorities that seemed to indicate much larger fish should be out there to be caught. Oh well this is a start.


  What a shame that between the President and Congress nothing better could have been made into law. The only saving thing about it is that we will be able to have experience under the present plan and in a year or so for those living maybe they/we can make the changes that need to be made. Out of desperation I decided I didnít have a clue on what to do. Over the months, as I would purchase our prescription drugs at Samís Club, I continuously inquired of the pharmacist on which plans were most people settling on. I finally (surprise, surprise) got the answer that it was between Humana and AARP. So before the deadline I went to the SHIP office (Nevada SHIP office or State Health Insurance Assistance Program, 3100 W. Sahara, Suite 110 Tel. 702 486 1001). I called the number and it took only a few minutes wait before I had someone on the line and again (surprise, surprise) I had an appointment a couple days out. When I got there I walked in the door to a very small cramped place and before I knew what was going on David said what can I do for you? I told him I needed help and handed him the copy of both my wifeís and my prescriptions. He told me that, yes, Humana was coming up pretty favorably in their office. So when he showed me something on his computer screen after he typed in our information, guess what? It turned out to be Humana. Because of the difference in our various prescriptions my wifeís monthly charge is several times more than mine are. Also some drugs are not covered and so far I find it is the least expensive ones, that make little difference in our yearly cost. When I got home I got on the computer and signed us both up with Humana. Between what I did by going to the SHIP office and what I did on the computer at home it took only 12 days including week ends to be able to buy our first prescription under this new program. I will also say that Humana has been on the ball better than I have seen anyone get something done like this in a very long time. Now let us hope that the program works reasonably well once we are in it. The nice thing about it, if there can be anything nice in spending more money, is that we will all be able to make changes come November if we want to. I should also say that when I went to the Samís Club Pharmacy to order the prescription the program did work in a few seconds so it seems at least in our first experience it has been a good one.
  What is bad about the program in the over all is that there is the $250 deductible that we take care of by paying a bigger monthly charge which is really stupid right off the bat. And then there is the limit which kicks in if we need considerably more than the program is set up for. It does not make sense to add such variables but some of these things can be worked out in the next go around with the program. Maybe by that time we will have our national web page going in the 50 states with suggestions for meaningful change being possible. As I have said before the ones that benefited the most are the people who are in HMOís. From what I can tell and what Vern tells me they get everything, and even for less, so you canít beat that in this day and age.
  The next thing to do is to test the Canadian Drug Plans just approved (four approved, five more have applied ó Editor) in Nevada which we will be looking into If some of you have done it already let us know the details.


  We have such a fine thing going with you loyal members and I think we have very good meetings even if I say so myself and we certainly put out a very fine FOGHORN monthly news letter maybe second to none from what I see and on top of that we have a web page that is a super fine, very informative and very easy to add more information to it any time we like. We are all getting older and even some of us are passing on to our maker as has happened to a few of our wonderful members that Vern will cover in the Foghorn from time to time so we need to replace ourselves Just as importantly we need to grow for the sake of being more of a force locally, state-wide and nationally. Remember we have no age limit to become members and our dues are only eight bucks a year which should be affordable for almost anyone ó if not see me for a loan. By that I mean that Iíll introduce you to Knight Allen the money bags of the bunch.


  For the Mexicana folks who so nobly marched down our streets in our cities there is no easy way to come into this country. Immigrants must earn the way into our country. And I must take umbrage with those who are still calling us a nation of immigrants. That has not been true for at least 100 or more years that I know of. The 12,000,000 in question are illegal which does not make it a nation of immigrants. In the Midwest, where my parents and grandparents were born, we all go back 175 years or more so really not a nation of immigrants but a nation of Red blooded American born citizens.