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by Ken Mahal, NSC President
Originally published on  February 12, 2004 - reprinted with permission

     My blood is boiling over since reading the headline story in the RJ on January 16th 2004 about Congressman Gibbons’ initiative to force the Nevada Legislature to fund public school budgets before anything else. Give me a break Jim, I suspect a lot of us think you should keep your nose to the grindstone in Washington where as our elected representative you have more than a plate full to take care of. Oh yes we know Jim that your wife Dawn stays in Nevada to raise the kids and that is admirable but with so much to do, and such a mess in Washington how can you possibly have time to know that the most important thing we need to do is to take most of our Nevada tax dollars and dedicate them to the spendthrift “educrates” in Nevada? Their record of spending and poor performance results compares with some of the poorest districts in the country — almost as bad as the Washington D.C. district.

Jim when you came up with this harebrained idea months back we let your office know that we had done due diligence on the Clark County School District and found that out of their budget, over two, years they could (conservatively) without damage to one student program take at least $404,000,000 out of their budget. You show no interest in visiting with us so what gives, are you just posturing a political piece to ready the advance of your political interests? If so we suggest you have picked one of the worst avenues to proceed on of any we can think of. I know all those addresses will be great information if you have other political aspirations. Tell us that is not the truth.

A few things to think about politically Jim; about 25% of the people in Nevada have children in school and of that percentage about 40% of those people who load the schools with the most kids DO NOT vote and in many cases don’t even think English is important to teach to their kids. By the same token about 25% of us in Nevada have been, (and are still) paying school taxes for anywhere from 40 to 60 years. We have raised our kids and are helping, in many cases, to raise our grandchildren. We are pretty tired of hearing this constant mantra that “our kids” are not getting enough money to properly educate them. Well in Clark County, the biggest district by far in Nevada, the “educrates” are making a major hit on the budget and have one of the poorest performance records in educating “our kids”. Jim, the bureaucrat reducing part of the budget as we surveyed it could go a long way toward more money to educate the kids.

Congressman Gibbons why won’t you look at saving money in the education system before just adding more bucks to a failing system? Is this what you have learned in Congress? Or is this just a way to get millions of dollars, plus their vote, out of the bloated “educrates”?

Just this past year the CCSD bought, at a premium, a new speculative office building off of Flamingo on Pecos that is filled with nothing but Educrats. The truth be known, this has to be a best example of money wasted when you need an entire building of paper pushers given all they have already. From past observations the CCSD has the most people in administration being paid $50,000 to over $85,000, than any private sector business in the state of Nevada. Prove to me this is warranted. As I recall when we were looking for a new Superintendent, Jim Rogers of TV3 offered to run it for a dollar a year but the school trustees would have none of that. We needed him for his business acumen which is second to none.

Also the day Superintendent Garcia moved to town the Nevada Seniors Coalition invited him to speak before the group and gave him a very warm welcome. We also gave him many worthwhile suggestions on how he could get off to a running start in improving the overall performance of the school district while at the same time saving hundreds of millions on a better performing school district. He was not one bit interested. At this time my conclusion would be he is an experienced “political” Superintendent.

Jim you can say, “What do we retirees know about anything and in particular the building of schools”? If you are truly interested yours truly will be more than pleased to sit down with you and show you how the CCSD could save at least 25% of the dollar cost of their buildings, with super energy efficiency as well, and at least another 25% in construction time. Beyond that we proposed to Garcia that they go to an all 12 month schedule increasing the schools utilization 25%. Also because of our one of a kind 7 day a week, 24 hour a day, 365 days per year economy we suggested that some schools be on a 7 day a week schedule and even use some schools as night schools where the parent and child could live on the same life cycle as a parents working on day shifts. Jim none of this is revolutionary; it is just good business sense –– so nothing tough to understand there.

As for that famous saying, “our kids” whenever we speak of the kids in schools. We respectfully disagree with the “our kids” saying, it should be said in banner headlines as follows: “Our kids for the casinos, home building industry and service industry, and all other LOW paying jobs in Nevada”.

What a coincidence that you Congressman Gibbons, comes up with this hair brained idea when yours truly was in the process of suggesting we need another initiative that exempts people 70 and over from paying that part of our real estate tax (over 50%) that goes to the school district. After 40 to 60 years of paying isn’t that enough? I wouldn’t suggest this if it was for “our kids” from natural growth of 2% but it is for the greedy money making boom that brings a, “double digit” new kid’s growth each year. As for we older retirees our cost of living goes up by the month and unless you know something I don’t we are not gaining a tiny penny from this boom and bust economy. Let me know if you disagree with these ideas and also prove why we are wrong.


To add insult to injury we see that the Teachers Union doesn’t think over 50% of our taxes is enough for their greedy needs, so they are starting an initiative to guarantee they have the highest level of funding in the US. Of course these greedy so and so' s don’t care that we do not have the highest paying jobs in the US. It is only Greed by the Teachers Union. Oh well it is just one more thing besides the Gibbons’ initiative that we need to kill.

It is time that we retirees who have lived on fixed incomes for 20 or more years stand up and be heard. The best way to do that is to communicate with everyone you know by e-mail, telephone, mail and in person, that they should not support either initiative. (See Gibbons on page 4) If you do this you can kill both of them. The most important thing to do is support the initiative and referendum that first and foremost takes GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES OUT OF THE LEGISLATURE (see Knight Allen about signing this petition) and kill THE $835 MILLION PLUS TAX INCREASES hidden at every level in our cost of living.