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Fools, Schools, Questions, Taxes and Guns?
by Ken Mahal, NSC President
Originally published on  May 9, 2007 - reprinted with permission

   I find it interesting to hear the complaints by the suffering people in northwest Las Vegas from ďright turnĒ flights out of McCarran. They should live over here on the east side where we have been inundated by plane noise for half a dozen years plus. And I mean inundated with plane noise right over the roof top with plane takeoffs sometimes in 20 second intervals which is almost tail to nose takeoffs and better than we did on the aircraft carrier Ticonderoga in WWII. We never had a fair shake either when that short east west runway was extended without any notice as far as our neighborhood was concerned. I think itís OK that the City of Las Vegas is fighting the FAA decision to fly over the homes in NW Las Vegas. My experience with the fight and huge legal bill by the city is that they most likely will not win that fight and what a shame the money isnít put into something more meaningful than attorney fees. I read the many comments written in the news, and on TV about the noise and I do agree when you are outside it is deafening but inside we never hear any of it so I wonder do those people in the NW leave their windows open at night? I would suggest they do as we do keep the doors and windows closed. Uncle Sam has more of our money than Las Vegas has and also more political clout so I would hope that good judgment takes over at the city soon. What you needed in your fight at McCarran is CCC Bruce Woodbury. He has done a great job of getting flight turns to the west pretty well taken care of so as to not bother his constituents.

   After all these years of fighting over nine-month versus 12-month schools one would think that parents in Henderson would understand by now that the 12- month school makes for the best education possibility for youngsters. With time off every quarter the kids have a shorter time off and back to school again before their minds have forgotten most everything they were taught in the last quarter. And I do get this from people who have had their kids do both programs. This program also means a 25% savings in classroom need which is substantial with the growth we suffer from year in and year out. Another thing for those who never went through it, this growth in schools will shut down some day and the fewer schools the taxpayers have to pay for the better off they will be. We went through this insane growth of the baby boom era of WWII where almost overnight growth was shut down and we were stuck with a quarter billion in schools we didnít need. So what did the school trustees do, they sold off the good two story schools at twenty five cents on the dollar at a terrible waste of taxpayer money. We kept the old one story buildings which could never be brought up to date and are still using them.

   Clark County Commissioner Chris G., as she is known, won over Myrna Williams in the last election and according to the paper is asking way too many questions of the staff and commissioners to satisfy them. Well how do you like them apples? I say fine after having ďMyrna nothingĒ for my commissioner. All her time on the commission, she never once answered your call or even retuned it so what good was she? Little to no good Ė and I congratulate Chris G. for upsetting the apple cart a little bit in the Government Center. One of these days I am going to talk to her and see how much good she will be for our district. For instance; we got our streets recoated several years back and the surfacing was hardly dry before it cracked all over the street again right where it was cracked before they fixed it. And dear Myrna did nothing about it, as usual. Airport noise Ė how many times did I called her on that and her answer was they outrank me on the commission and I canít get anything done. Well Chris G., please keep asking the questions and really work for a better Clark County.

   Jim Rogers thinks we arenít taxed enough so we should have an income tax because we are one of the few states that does not have an income tax. Well now isnít that why all those people sold their homes in California and moved to Nevada Ė because we do not have an income tax so that one can keep some of what one saves if the federal government has not taken it all. Jim must have had a slight memory loss when he made that statement.
This billionaire talks a lot doesnít he? I also seem to remember he was going to get his very wealthy billionaire friends to kick in millions for higher education and so far he has had no luck. It seems they must not have save their billion yet so arenít able to help him add to the university coffers. Thatís OK Jim if we had your money or even half of it we would be more than happy to kick in a few million. Forget the income tax and spend your time working on your moneyed friends we can use some of their wealth.

   Canít you just see some professor wearing his six-shooter on his hip and if the students donít pay attention he shoots a few shots into the ceiling to get their attention. Seriously how many professorsí janitors or what ever do you know who should carry a gun at one of our schools of higher education? I think that would cause more of problem than what it would solve. We have gone a couple hundred years without such a shooting as in West Virginia so I hope we donít get carried away with arming everyone to the hilt. If you were not brought up with guns it is pretty late in life to begin to carry one now. I donít want to see every new place a gun is used to be an excuse to arm a few hundred more people. I believe in our right to carry a gun but also think we need a family learning period of being around guns before we get too anxious to arm a lot of people who never had reason to carry a gun or in lieu of that an intense training in the handling of a gun.

   In all the years yours truly has tracked the Nevada legislature this has to be the quietest one of them all. What is going on? I worry that the last hour of the last night before they adjourn will cost us unsuspecting taxpayers. Please donít decide that you can do something for us that we canít do for ourselves a little better. We know there is talk about some plan where district judges and Supreme Court justices would be appointed before we could vote on them some time later. Please, we like the system we have. Let them run for office and let we the taxpayers vote them in or out of office. We did OK in the last election. It really isnít broken so please leave it alone. We thank you.