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Goodman, Good Men, Bad Men
by Ken Mahal, NSC President
Originally published on  May 5, 2008 - reprinted with permission


   Our Las Vegas Mayor has been very good to us in that every year he will take time from his busy schedule to visit us for an hour or so and we thank him for that. Another thing you can say about our Mayor, he doesn’t give up. The case in point is the railroad yard with some sixty plus acres that has been an eyesore for as long as I can remember and finally it looks like he has snared a live one that will make things happen to fulfill his Honors effort to see something worthwhile go up on that property and to add to the tax roles which any political entity can always use as we know. Well Knight wouldn’t you rather have the added taxes than way it is now? Maybe it will bring in so much revenue that residents will see their taxes go down. That would be the day wouldn’t it. Another thing I can say from my observations is that the city fathers seem to be more reachable than our bosses at Clark County or is that just my bias? Oh I know some of them are serving time and aren’t available. The only problem I have is that some times it seems to me that all of the elected politicians who serve collectively on various boards seem to be a pushover for some of these hired managers. The case in point is at the water authority where madam Mulroy seems to say jump and they all jump when it comes to spending billions on various water projects which in some cases are outright mistakes that have needed to be corrected because of bad judgment in that office. Case in point is building the water district plant at the end of Las Vegas Wash where billions of gallons of untreated surface waste goes right into our water plant on the way to Lake Mead. There are some 1600 square miles of runoff dumped into that wash every day of the year and here we are with our drinking water supply at the end of that nasty runoff. Oh well nothing is perfect. But I would like to have a few billion dollars less being taken out of our tax paying pockets.

I know a lot of people would say well look at the mayor hoisting another one on company time. But it really isn’t because he is only a part time mayor so he needs to have a little fun while doing the cities business, particularly when you know that what he does is what we want people to come here for and that is to have a good time while they enjoy themselves relaxing a few hours before they go back to their homes and their lives of reality. Funny thing when you live here you take that for granted and probably don’t look at it the same way because we live here. I know that Agnes and I used to go downtown and on the Strip whereas now we stay close to home. I guess after a while we get used to it or just get older and stay home more. Also if one is ill there is not much of a desire to be our and about much.

Anyway welcome aboard one more time Mayor Oscar Goodman. We like having you because you are a lot of fun and also have your serious side which is good for the City of Las Vegas. We will miss you when your time is up. By the way Mayor because you are kind enough to speak to our group we honor you with a one year paid up membership in the Nevada Seniors Coalition. Your benefit is you get the Foghorn each moth like it or not. We trust you will enjoy it our VP Vern does a great job in putting it together.


   The Oakland California Seven Day Adventist are praying for lower gas prices and if it works maybe all of us in the country should do the same thing but at the same time maybe we should vote all of those that are in office out of office to see if a complete change wouldn’t do the trick. In the meantime maybe if the likes of Mr. Lautenberg and others doing such a good job of mouthing off and not doing anything to help get production out of the ground and into new refineries could really do the country a great service in our time of need if they just got together, rolled up their sleeves and do a role reversal we can have cheaper gasoline at the pumps. Why not look at the cost of gasoline and all energy as a national crisis, roll up our sleeves and work the rest of this year to do something about the crisis in energy and the dollar as well, that can make the big difference. Why not spend our time collectively and back the President in a national all out drilling for gas and oil all along the coast of the entire United States and on land any place there is a possibility for added production. Then announce the backing of new clean burning coal plants (we have several hundred years of coal), the installation of small off the shelf Navy carrier ship nuclear power plants where a couple of them would be large enough to provide all the electricity the greater Las Vegas could use for the foreseeable future. Even our Harry (Reid –ed.) should be in favor of this. We have so much oil and gas in and around our coastal areas that we wouldn’t need the likes of any Arab oil again. While doing that then thrust what ever energy you need to come up with wind, thermal and solar energy for the future needs of this great nation. I have no problem with those kinds of energy but please tell me why we are breaking the bank to pay the Arabs for oil when we have all the energy we need in our own country. Why destroy our savings to satisfy the OPEC nations. What is wrong with the thinking in Congress? Or is there any thinking going on in Congress? Right now I would say there is no thinking going on including our leader Harry. Please wake up Mr. President and Congress before we have to start a march on Washington. This would be a multi millions people-march on Washington and we would bring our tents so we could march and live there at the same time if that is what it takes. Right now though all we need is the march on Washington with our computers with this message to every person there from the President on down. The computer and the internet are made for the people so why not get it going and in ninety days we should see some significant progress. I am suggesting our NSC gets this drumbeat going and ask for all the help with ideas and effort that we can get to get Congress and the President off their duff so prices come down and the value of the dollar goes up. Let us hear from all of you out there within reach of the internet.


   So have 200,000 illegals left? If so how can we get a 100,000 of them to leave? That means our purchasing power buys more so why not help all we can to motivate thousands more leave our schools, housing, medical services, the hoosegow and you name it. I have never cease to wonder why a country with so many resources, good climate and a work force willing to do the job that they don’t clean up their act and help their people make it at home. What is wrong with a nation that thinks it is better to let their people leave their country to work when they ought to be using all of them and then some. Would some one please explain that to me please?