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The Green, Green Grass of Whom? 
by Vice President Knight Allen
Originally published on July 10, 2014 - reprinted with permission

    I've been following the debate about whether or not those who buy solar power systems should be charged more for the electricity they do use. This has gotten a higher profile since the Public Utilities Commission will soon be taking a look at the idea. It's early in the process and I'm not writing anything in stone here but right now I'm thinking they should pay more. In the first place, the tax breaks and subsidies people get for these systems come straight from the Federal & State treasuries (taxpayers) the vast majority of whom cannot now, or ever, afford the systems even with the giveaways. This means that the capital base over which the utilities spread their costs will shrink placing a heavier cost burden on those left behind who will be, as always, the weakest and most vulnerable of society.

    I wish I had an answer or even a few suggestions about how to deal with this problem that may very well get real ugly in the coming years. Unfortunately I don't but I don't feel too bad about it because the pros who are paid big bucks to manage the system are pretty clueless too.

    At this point in time however I do believe this: You can't have people "almost" leaving the grid, reducing their support of the system to practically nothing but at the same time expecting the grid to be there for them anytime the sun doesn't shine. That's a form of trickle down economics in which the yachts of the rich rise and the already leaky row boats of everyone else get swamped.

    I admit I am extremely suspicious of the whole "go green/reduce mankind's carbon footprint" industry. The whole darn eco movement is designed to drive down the standard of living of the mass of people ostensively to save the world. I suppose I could live with that (for the greater good & all) IF those pushing this agenda were sharing in the pain. They aren't. There isn't a greenie organization on the face of this earth that doesn't have higher revenues, more influence and more control over peoples' lives than they had five or ten years ago. This doesn't even take into account the crony capitalists and corporate welfare queens that are sucking billions out of tax revenues to enrich themselves.

    Back in the January "Foghorn" I documented for you the EU countries that were trying to get off this green road to nowhere, particularly Germany which has seen so much harm done to its people and its industrial infrastructure. One wonders how long it will take the US Congress (or at least the Nevada Legislature) to figure it out. Any guesses?

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