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Immigration - Arbitration - Consternation

by Ken Mahal, NSC President
Originally published on  April 13, 2006 - reprinted with permission

  We are told there are 11,000,000 illegals from south of the border, I wonder in what month or year that was? At the rate they procreate there is at least a 10% increase per year making another 100,000 per month and at the rate congress moves it means another million or two more. Now give their off-spring credit for the same kind of reproductive capability lets add another 100,000 per month so before the next vote is cast we could have added another four or five million new residents who by the way will all be legal citizens. How do you like them apples? When will it end? It wonít end so how do we make it work? Certainly what is being proposed by our President and Congress wonít be the answer; we can tell because even the illegals are protesting the plan in public.

How about if we set up trade schools in Mexico and send them all packing back to their home country and require they enter a trade school of what ever they would be good at and require them to stay in school three or four years before allowing them back into the country? Oh I know we would need to build a bunch of barracks, clinics, stores, portable teaching fire trap buildings like we have at the Clark County school district etc. Sure it means a whole new town or group of towns but better to make them become educated in their own country and work their way back into the USA rather than some impossible program as now suggested by the politicians in Washington. And yes they as well as their off-spring must learn and speak English fluently. Speaking of speaking English I donít know about you but it really gripes me when I see the parents with two and three little kids all speaking anything but English. As far as legal residents from south of the border they should be required to have their children speaking fluent English before going to school in this country. Oh yes I know the ACLU wouldnít stand for that but if we got good legal beagles maybe we could tie it up in court for 10 years so that it became so expensive that even the ACLU couldnít afford to take on the issue.

In case you might think I am making some pretty tough suggestions for the illegal aliens to get back into this country I would like to suggest you try to do a few things in Mexico that they all take for granted when they come to our country. Things so basic we would (Continued on page 2)(Continued from page 1)never give it a thought like becoming a citizen of Mexico, owning land or a home or a business, is all not allowed in Mexico but expected when they come to the US. As for their justice system, just forget it and pray you never need legal help if you go there. I was also going to suggest the problems with Montezumaís Revenge from south of the border but it looks like we are seeing it popping up its head now and then in Las Vegas. By the way I cannot understand why we allow food handlers to handle the food without rubber gloves on their hands. Does anyone have an answer for that one? Something else that disturbed me the other day was seeing the marchers with Mexican flags all over the place. Did you ever wonder where they obtained such large new looking flags? Makes one think more than young kids are behind this business of taking the kids out of school. Which by the way is very serious here in Clark County with so many of them having very poor grades as it is and also having tests coming up so needing them with their noses in the books not in the air on the streets in front of TV cameras.

There has been a lot said that the illegals do jobs that no one in the US will do. I really beg to differ with that comment. In most cases young people of all races and colors are looking for summer jobs and part-time jobs after summer. And if the builders paid a little more they would have no trouble at all in finding journeymen to do the job right as opposed to how it is done in our valley of dust and corruption at the present time. Why do you think we have so many quality construction problems? It isnít because there are lots of journeymen on the job doing it right in the first place. We talk about these aliens being of such help, well let me tell you if you were never trained to do the job in the first place how could you possibly do it right? My thought on this is that this cheap labor carries a tremendous cost in time, money and emotion when you have to deal with their screw ups.

Also have you ever spoken to a Philippine Nurse in the hospital when they told you all they went through to get their papers to qualify to enter this country? Ask some obvious foreign national some time what it is like to qualify to enter the U.S. the right way. If you do you will soon be on the side of the legal way of entry rather than the Coyote way of entering this country.

I think I wrote about this idea I had at a special University of Minnesota night class where I suggested, as a solution to the problem the professor posed, that we should convince Canada to the north and Mexico to the south to join us and create the United States of America with Canada and its natural resources, the U.S. with its technology and finance and Mexico with its manpower, oil and gas leaving us with out a doubt one of the most self sufficient countries in the world. If we did that none of the Mexicans would have to move here because we would have jobs and quality of life in their own country. Isnít that really all that is troubling them now?

Remember all of the grief that the sheriff put everyone through in his fight over the pay raises? Well he finally had to go to arbitration when we had recommended he take the commissioners proposal and give the cops an early increase in pay that they have been waiting for about a year. He didnít do it so the arbitrator settled it and his people got their raises, but about a year later than it needed to be if he hadnít been so pig headed. Our cops should have had their money in their pockets almost a year earlier. It might be time that come this August we all vote some one else on the ballot and help the sheriff make up his mind to spend more time with his family and less time running the sheriff department.

At Samís Club and WAL-MART most of the retirees have picked either AARP or Humana. If any of you have done so please get in touch with me and tell how it is working. This one time I think the HMOs have won the battle and because of good lobbying I think.