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Immigration & Legislation
by Ken Mahal, NSC President
Originally published on  June 14, 2007 - reprinted with permission

   Folks, immigration as a problem is very simple. Just build the double fence along the border which has worked. Make it so tough for them to come over the border that the illegals will be discouraged and decide to either do it the legal way, go to their southern border and cross it or just plain stay home where these illegals belong and make something of their own country as millions upon millions of we Americans have done. Nothing was perfect for my wife and I when I came back from the service in World War II but we made the most of it including helping incorporate our town of Bloomington Minnesota and to this day our work was very good and much of our work is still in place some sixty years later. You can say but living here was and is different than living south of the border. Sure it is and people have been saying that for about seventy years about Mexico. I say yes it is time to send these illegals home to their own country, let them take the bull by the horns and fix their country so that they can stay home and make a living. We all know that most of the illegals and lots of those here legally want to go home to Mexico when they can retire there. So why not send the illegals home, let the legal kids stay if they want to or go back with their parents if they want to. Then letís change the law that makes kids legal citizens if they were born here. There is no sense in such a right that leads to such confusion. Why not send the illegals home and give them some opportunity if they have no record of laws broken to be issued a green card if they are doing work that is declared a service that is needed in this country and we have a shortage of such skills. I am so tired of our politicians wanting to in affect make 12,000,000 illegals legal citizens. No way should these people be made legal citizens. They are breaking our laws and one of the most serious laws we have that of entering this country illegally and expect to be a citizen of this great country. One can say but they have been here ten years and are doing a great job. Well if they murdered some one that would be breaking our laws and no one would give them the right to live here as a free person. The same goes for illegal citizens who are break our laws when they are here illegally. The last time we did something like this was under Regan when 25,000 Cubans were allowed here and Mr. Castro fixed us by sending criminals from his prisons to make us look really stupid. I fear we will in some way be foxed into doing something really stupid if we give tens of millions the chance to become legal citizens ahead of those who apply legally and wait years before being able to enter this country. With so many young people who are legal citizens now by the fact that their parents came here illegally but made them citizens because of being born here. This manpower pool will no doubt be enough that we really will not need their parents here to do so called jobs that average American citizens do not want to fill as they say. There is no good answer to this problem because our elected officials in Washington have delayed doing something for thirty years and it only gets worse each year until it comes time for the blood letting. When that time comes I would rather it was someone elseís blood not mine and other legal citizens of this country. So letís build the double wall between the United States and Mexico. Thatís a good first start and after that let the illegals apply for a green card if they have not broken any laws. After deciding their clearance for a green card let them work 5 years for the card. After that give them 5 more years to be approved for a permanent right to live here and become a citizen.

   This the first time in over twenty years that our state legislature came so close to closing shop on schedule while having at the same time such a quiet session one hardly knew they were in session except of course for some of the news type who spent most of their time beating up on our new Governor Jim Gibbons who it seems has done a very good job. Who could do what he did after getting elected he was able to stop the spendthrift legislatures from spending more money than we were going to have available without new taxes. This state is known for some members of the legislature who would never have enough money no matter how much our coffers grew the green stuff. I for one am very pleased that we had what some might say was a very weak legislature. Well what ever they were they hardly created a ripple and the most miraculous thing is that the Governor was able to tap into the convention authority money to be used for the bond money needed to cover several billion for the most immediate highway programs. What was so pleasing to me is that when we heard about the huge amount of money needed it turns out that what is really needed is about 5 billion and the rest can be acted upon in later sessions of the legislature that can be taken care of when the need is there. What seems to be happening is that the road engineers as usual want the billions in their spend box so that they could go spend crazy and most likely run hundreds of millions over their budget in the end. There is nothing better than budgeting money for real projects, not one that is intended years down the pike. To much money we all know is bad even for ourselves and government bureaucrats are worse by far. There will be plenty of time over the next several sessions of the legislature to find ways to budget money for those projects that are planned on for several years out. In fact if we should become good managers of our tax dollars it may even come to pass that we can have surpluses to plan on. I have a feeling that our Governor is looking at running the state as the constitution calls for it, a balanced budget. And if our economy keeps growing in the future as it is now there is no reason not to believe that we will have surpluses in our treasury. Quite some years back people were talking about pay for growth as you grow. It is time to get back to that philosophy again so what are we waiting for? We should slow things down a bit by using fiscal responsibility and pay as you grow. There is absolutely no reason not to institute pay as you grow. We have for years been to carried away with helping the home builders put homes on the market way below all the costs that should be paid for up front or added on to the buyerís mortgage. There is no law which says we should go into debt just to make it easier for more people to buy debt beyond what makes good sense for them or our communities themselves. What is so wrong about taking a little breather and make people become more debt free when they buy a home? You can say well what about the poor people or the first time home buyer. I say do what most of we old timers did just rent a while longer until we can afford the down payment on a mortgage that can be afforded.

   Back to our legislature we give them credit for creating as little trouble as we can remember in twenty years. Maybe not much came out of this session but some meat and potatoes kind of fixing that has been waiting for attention for some years we credit them for that and thank them for not stirring up the pot to a boiling point. I donít remember a session where we did not need to take on a lot of issues that were upsetting to us. Congratulations Governor Jim Gibbons and all members of the Assembly and the Senate for handling this session in such a business like manner and under such good time, only a few hours over the regular time with no late night funny stuff. See you all in two more years.