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Their Killer Real Estate Tax Bite

by Ken Mahal, NSC President
Originally published on  January 13, 2005 - reprinted with permission

  As promised at our last NSC meeting, Dan Roberts, Publisher/Editor of the “VEGAS VOICE” (formerly Las Vegas Senior Life) has stirred up enough interest in just one article to wake some people up to the fact that our money hungry government never has enough revenue to satisfy them. As of writing this article Dan will have over 500 people, and still counting, signed up, who are asking the assessor to reconsider their huge tax increase. His objective was to have at least 125, so we do know two things, people read his paper and they are ticked off with the huge increase in their tax in the upcoming 2005- 2006 tax year . I doubt if we would be so unhappy if anywhere we could point to any value received in our quality of life. Please tell me, if you can, where our quality of life has increased in even just one place. I had occasion to speak with Assembly member Dr. Garn Mabey Jr. concerning capping our real-estate taxes early on in the new session of the legislature and his best take is to accept whatever Senator Dina Titus wants (a liberal Democrat if I have ever seen one). I have never seen the day that our good Senator would do anything but look at ways to increase our taxes. By the way the good Doctor is supposed to be a conservative Republican. I guess if the balance of power is that bad in Carson City my take would be, don’t give up, offer what is best for my constituents or go down in flames trying rather than succumbing to the liberal spendthrift agenda. We may need a blood bath in Carson along with sky high taxes to convince voters that it is time to clean house of the money hungry legislatures who seem to have a safe seat no matter what they do even to their own constituents. I think it is fine to have party loyalty but not to the point of destroying my lifestyle in the process. Some times you need to lose a battle in order to win the war and this may be the battle that conservatives of both parties need to lose in order to clean out the spendthrifts in the legislature. Not in particular do I mean to pick on the good Doctor but he also serves on the Assembly Education standing committee of which the Clark County school district along with the other 16 are the lions share of the Nevada budget. I ask the good Doctor if they ever did anything about a real audit and oversight review of the Clark County School District budget; his answer was “no” and then said well the money part is really some other committee’ responsibility. I see red every time the Clark County School District budget comes up and no one including politicians, individuals and the news media is willing to take on that spendthrift bunch who always wants more money at the same time they continue to have failing grades. Can some one explain that dichotomy to me? If you remember in the last session of the legislature, for the CCSD NSC was able to recommend a cut of $200,000,000 and for the biennium double that savings which would have been half of what the governor wanted increased in our taxes. And that is an interesting subject in itself. I am sure some of you will recall that we were seeing revenue projections that said there would be a double digit increase in the next biennium which the governor and the legislature ignored and drove thru the biggest tax increase in the states history and now look at what we have. The governor if you can imagine it now wants to rebate $300,000,000 back to automobile owners for both business and individuals. What a farce. So what about the good folks who have paid and are still paying taxes but can no longer drive? These of all people should share equally in any rebate. Give us another take governor, I’m sure you can take five minutes and come up with a better solution. If not give me a call, we can work something out. Also governor, are you going to pay the up to $300 to people on a pro rata basis depending on how old the car is? As in our case our cars are 14 years old (we get $40 not $300 back) because we pay so much in taxes we can’t afford to buy new cars, so are you going to penalize us for that frugality? And of course my dear lovely little Lucille Sova since you no longer can drive you will get nothing from that cold hearted governor. I notice he has also stated trailers, RV’s etc., so it looks like if you have been a good customer of Fletcher Jones you’re going to be in like Flynn. The rest of us can take a hike. In fact his press release looks about so juvenile that an eight grader could have done a better job of it. More likely it is so garbled up so that no one can figure it out and if nothing comes of it we will just say, “That’s our governor for you”. You can be assured we will stay on top of this and inform you of the battle and what we can do to keep it fair.

  Tell me please why there are so many of you who are so unhappy about how costly things are getting if you live here, but so few of you have time to help. Are you all in such bad health? If so I can understand that. My wife has been ailing going on three years this June, and every place we go is filled with the sick – myself included. However I feel I just shouldn’t give up the fight to make things better and that does not mean growing 60,000 common labor jobs a year that need a 1,000 % subsidy to pay for that kind of help. If we could stop one more person from moving here we could grow our own work force and make a quality life for everyone at the same time and how about them apples Mayor Goodman?. I know Mr. Rogers of TV 3 said we have more multi-billionaires per capita of any place the USA but that doesn’t necessarily grow us a quality life style. Back to the issue of help. Fifteen years ago when NSC was formed because of the federal Catastrophic Health Plan, we could get 400 people out at a time. And because of us enough action took place nationally that the law was repealed at the next session of Congress. I am sure you must realize we are such large numbers of retirees in Nevada; we could control any election we desired to, if we all became active. That goes for anything that happens at the local, state and national level. We can use your help, a little money and a little computer time to help yourself and all of ourselves if we just joined forces under one banner. We now have an average of 65+ attendees per meeting, but if each of you committed to bring one or two new members with you to each meeting, before long our membership would be so large it would enable us to have much more influence in accomplishing our goals. We are ready to launch our new website,, which is a very ambitious undertaking that will cover the 50 states plus the District of Columbia. But first what we need is success here in Nevada. What we do here we can do it in the other 50 states. Look at it this way folks it is fun to be involved and even win just one battle. When you do that before long you will realize how much can be done with a little effort, a little growth in members, a little money, and a little finger power on the computer and on the Internet.

  Yours for a better day, a fun day and a lively day.