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by Ken Mahal, NSC President
Originally published on  May 31, 2004 - reprinted with permission

  We must become vigilant and active immediately, from this day forward to the end of the 2005 legislature, in order to protect ourselves from confiscatory property tax increases that will be starting in 2005. Mark Schofield, Clark County Assessor predicts property taxes will increase as much as 20% to 40%, or even double in some cases, driven by the scarcity of land for development. Schofield is proposing an amendment to NRS 361.260 that would cap property tax increases to a maximum of 6% in any given year. Hopefully we can find agreement by the legislature and counties affected that even a lower cap could be passed in the 2005 legislature. Remember it must be passed to take affect in the 2005 tax year.

  Nevada Seniors Coalition supports this proposal and will need your help in getting it passed.

  It is fine to consider an initiative for a Proposition 13 type tax cap but that will take at least four years which means the taxes will go up for at least four more years which could drive some out of their homes.

  We all know that the tax and spend politicians and bureaucrats will spend every dollar we allow them to collect so we must stop any increase now before they can start the spending wheel of fortune again as they did in 2002.

  The one sure way for a heads up in this effort is to know the candidates you vote for as never before. Really put them to the test and make sure they make a public promise that they will support Mr. Schofield’s proposal to amend NRS 361.260, capping increases in property taxes at a maximum of 6% starting in year 2005.

 This should be the Nevada Seniors Coalitions’ members number one priority for the upcoming session of the Nevada Legislature. We will do our part and trust you will do yours.

Another taxing issue that should die before it takes a breath is Sheriff Young’s ¼% increasing to ½% sales tax making our already overly high sales tax increase to 7¾% which would be unconscionable. Again we ask you, have you ever seen an activity calling for black and whites that from all appearance looks like there are double the cops needed to get the job done? So what ever you do, whack that one good when you vote.

 Other petitions on the street that should die in the voting booth are Congressman Gibbon’s requirement that the education budget get priority over all other budgets in the legislature. And the greedy beast of the bunch is — you guessed it, the teachers union requiring the funding of education be equal to the average in the nation. What ever became of Governor Kenny Quinn’s zero budgets which means you spend what is actually needed not what you want to fill your pockets with.

OREGON’S ASSISTED-SUICIDE LAW declared legal and not a bad idea for us to consider in Nevada given our ever increasing number of retirees moving here.

BEGINNERS DRIVERS LICENSE needs considerable training time added to it given the large number of youngsters having accidents whether sober or under the influence.