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The Mayor, The Flu, The President
by Ken Mahal, NSC President
Originally published on November 12, 2009 - reprinted with permission


   If my memory serves me right we have had his honor Mayor Oscar Goodman at our meeting once every year since he was elected mayor. If you would ask me what I thought of him as mayor of the City of Las Vegas I would say I would rank him the highest of any mayor since we arrived here in 1984. He certainly has put Las Vegas on the map in the USA and the world for sure with his energy to make the city known and even liked. I don’t need to say more. We love you Mayor and will hate to see you go and to Carson City for sure. There must be something you can do here. Let me think on it.
Mayor how about a contract as director of Marketing and Promotions to bring business into Las Vegas with a salary of a Zillion bucks a year and based on what those big Wall Street Guys have been doing. Oh I guess not if it would end up as bad as things are now.

 THE H1N1 FLUE SHOT TO GET IT OR NOT TO GET IT & a few other ideas.

   What can one say about another flue shot? We already have the regular flue shot and right now our doctor is recommending we get the H1N1 shots but we have a difference of opinion in our house with one of us for it and the other one not being for it. I suspect there are many households that will be going through the same thoughts. Our doctor has said to Agnes that she will get the shot so I suspect that will be the deciding factor in our household. One can ask how many shots and pills should I take? Remember only back to the days of our parents how few things that they took for themselves and or had us take. The argument will be, look at how much more we know today than back then and I guess that would end the argument. We buy a number of the health books as well as go to the computer and look up stuff on:  This is the best web page I have found that has anything you want from symptoms to every kind of illness as well as the medicines we take and where to find the doctors to do what we need. We have also found that there are very inexpensive soft cover books in the $15.00 range like “Prescriptions for Nutritional Healings” and the complete “Guide to Prescriptions & Nonprescription Drugs” and Uncommon Cures For Everyday Ailments. This wouldn’t be meant to take your doctors living away from them but it might give you a sensible platform to visit with the doctor.


   I am referring to the night time saluting at Dover Air Force Base in the dark of morning Thursday the 28th of October with the return of our dead heroes early that morning. No problem with that at all but why was it necessary to make the public relations spin of it so that the world would know about it. That makes it cheap when it is handled that way by a President. It would have been a very nice news maker if it had slipped into the news without pictures and done with a few words. He doesn’t operate that way does he? In my years I have never seen a president who needed their face in the media almost every day.
I thought he went to Harvard or some other fancy eastern school but they must not have had the good relations part it when he was there. My point is that too much of any thing gets to be very tiring as any good marketer would teach you.


   I hope we do not get our necks into any more trouble than we have now because I would be frightened out of my britches with the leadership we have in Washington now. How do I know, well I spent a good deal of time with the Washington headaches most of my 25 years at our old firm. It was very interesting to say the least because we came off of WWII and everything was going gang busters with no brakes. I convinced our people to open an office in D.C. and there is still one in D.C. plus even more offices. The politics of doing business with the federal government is a full time job to learn the ins and outs of such places which are endless in size. Right now there is really only Obama, Reid and Pelosi and I say only but it should be all capital letters if you are intending to do any business there. It doesn’t make any difference whether it is doing politics or knocking on doors to get a job to spend government money on anything you can think of. Right now because of us old timers it is Medicare and Medicaid that we are interested in. As I write this Madam Pelosi has raised her fist (why not her Hand?) in what she thinks is a victory. Give me a break with 1,990 pages and some 400,000 plus or minus a few words that will never be a victory. What she needed is no more than 100 pages in a manner that you and I could understand in very simple straight forward English as we speak and write it in the good ole U.S.A. (that is in the long past I think of). Why oh Why cant we keep it simple stupid? What she holds her fist up for is not even half the battle because we now need to hear from Gods man, our Senator Harry Reid of Nevada and what he wants his pals to come up with. There was a time when one could pretty well predict how things would go when that point was reached but not in today’s politics. Maybe we can listen to him during the holiday’s break, that won’t work will it because it needs to be done no later than November so I don’t think anyone but Harry can tell where things are going to end up at. It might be so bad that not even he will be able to pull the rabbit out of the hat so who can tell us and I guess that gets to the man himself President Obama. That will be a no win situation if it gets to us having to depend on him to come up with the answers we need for our health care redo. That is where the buck stops as Harry used to say and unfortunately our Pres. has little or no experience in real life let alone high politics dealing with people’s health. What this comes down to is that our Pres. is so young and inexperienced that who can tell where he rolls the dice. And the trouble with his lack of experience and what we have also to deal with is a very bright well educated person who doesn’t know that he doesn’t know everything. That really makes a headache for us ole timers. I do not believe there is anything more troublesome and emotional than dealing with health issues and who knows anything about it is we older folks because we live it but who is going to listen to us? When the Democrats had real power was when Tip O’Neil of Massachusetts was Speaker of the House you could get things done because he could tell presidents what to do. Right now there doesn’t seem to be anyone who can tell anyone anything and have them says OK lets go with it and get the job done. Oh by the way in those near 2,000 pages there is a section for end of life discussion. What are they intending, waiting until we suffer with Alzheimer’s and ask us what we want done at the end of life? Folks it is really hard to do, talk about our life ending experience and how to deal with it in an intelligent manner. May God be with us and help guide our President, our Senator and House Speaker; they are going to need far more wisdom than we have seen to date.