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Money, Money, Money

by Knight Allen, NSC Director of Legislation
Published on  November 10, 2011 - reprinted with permission

     I've been reading that the U. S. Congress has an approval rating below twenty. You would think that if someone proposed $1.5 trillion in higher higher taxes over ten years 80% of the American public would respond with a near unanimous, "Are you nuts?!" Yet, all the President has to say is, "I'm gonna take it from the rich" and a huge portion of that 80% starts jumping up and down hollering, "Yea! Get 'em. Get those rich suckers!" How is that possible? We know the level of incompetence, venality and self serving hypocrisy of the Congress is pretty much unmatched anywhere in the world and yet, transferring that much wealth out of the hands of the private sector into the hands of government is seen by so many as a good thing. The rich don't stick their money in a mattress. They're incapable of doing that. They put it to work - productive work. The Congress? Through the Executive branch, they put it into Solyndra and Ener1 and countless other rip-offs that are nothing more than pay backs to contributors, government unions and crony capitalists. $1.5 trillion? We might as well give it to a bunch of four-year olds and tell them to use their best judgment.

  Speaking of the insanity of giving the Congress more money, could someone please explain to me how it is possible for Herman Cain and his 9-9-9 to be leading in Republican presidential poles? Here is a, supposedly, conservative Republican who is seriously suggesting giving Washington, DC a brand new tax, opening an area of the American economy to Federal taxation that has been totally off limits to the Congress since the nation's Founding and Republicans are cheering him on? I read an article by Arthur Laffer in the Wall Street Journal in which he praised 9-9-9 although at the end he did caution the tax could be raised later on but was OK with that since any tax can be raised. I would have to respectfully disagree with Mr. Laffer, there is one tax that can never, ever be raised and that's the one we are smart enough not to impose in the first place. I swear looking at so many of today's conservative leaders makes you believe in multiple reincarnation. Their tactical ability is comparable to George Armstrong Custer at the Little Big Horn.

  As you are probably aware by now, our long time President, Ken Mahal, has packed up and gone off to the wilds of Florida. Ken was the voice of the Nevada Seniors Coalition for many years and his contributions to our group both publicly and behind the scenes were too numerous and varied to list. You all dealt with him and you know his word was golden and his commitment to NSC was total.

We are very fortunate to have Vern Perry move into the Presidency and I know in his hands we will continue to be a strong voice for seniors.

We are also pleased to announce that Tina Rowe has moved into the Vice President position. Tina has brought so much energy and enthusiasm to our organization, her placement as VP represents the absolute right person in the right spot.

  On a personal note, I knew Ken for several years before I joined the Coalition. I had worked with him on several issues and learned firsthand what a class individual he is. We had a very interesting relationship. We'd talk about all kinds of things, important and trivial, cabbages and kings so to speak. If we hadn't talked in a while we'd connect and pick right up and off we'd go again. We talked business and management quite a bit. We came from opposite ends of the philosophical spectrum. One day he was telling me how he handled a particular situation and when he got done I said, "Man, I'd never go to work for you" and without missing a beat he said, "Don't worry, I'd never hire you."


  It was great fun and I'm going to miss him.

  Knight can be reached at: