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Rambling Thoughts for 2010
by Ken Mahal, NSC President
Originally published on  January 14, 2010 - reprinted with permission


   At least we are here yet so guess everything went OK on New Years for us. You can figure from the comment that I wasnít awake for the celebration. After 88 years what more is there to celebrate for? Everything seems to be OK and letís hope it continues for the whole year of 2010. What is still going to give us a headache I fear is going to be our new 2,000+ pages of health care from congress. Change the thinking a little I did order the no extra pay prescription drug program so at least that should be settled, I hope. A few years back I was making several thousand dollar prescription payments each year and I guess the biggest change was when the Wal-Mart stores went to the $4.00 plan for most generic prescriptions so at least that has become a big saving for our house. There was a time when I had AARP car insurance and found out that their Hartford carrier was not in the best interest of we the insured when we needed something from them so I dropped it and never looked back. Talk about life continuing in Las Vegas, so far we seem to be the winnerís nation wide given what has happened through the country. Some parts of the country are having -51degree wind chill and we are in the 50 degree range. The entire country is being hit the bad weather. Even in Florida the freezing weather is hitting their fruit so badly that they had to spray water to keep it from freezing. Even Europe has its problems with the UK reporting 22 people died from the worst weather in 30 years. Yes I know, we will forget this when it is 115 degrees plus next summer.


   How about a little bit of golf mixed with a little sex scandal to make the year interesting, by that I speak of Tiger Woods who just got up to speed from his operation last year and then he had to come down with an over active extra curricular sex life added to his golf game. We have been watching the golf games for a year or so and it is always interesting to watch the golfers, get to learn something about them and watch Tiger take all of them to the cleaners. He has done a lot for the increased interest in golf over the last half dozen plus years. We will miss seeing him if he doesnít get back on the †game this year. Maybe Tiger has done something to even increase the interest in golf more than ever. Hooray for him if he does increase more interest in golf.


   Knight and I have been looking at the change in our up coming real-estate taxes and mine looks like it will be about 20% lower than last year on our home. So if we think the city, county and state have trouble now lets just wait until these new tax rates hit the above† who live on our real-estate taxes, will see hemorrhaging like tomorrow but that isnít going to put money in the bank for them so lets see what they do to reduce spending. I know a lot of people may not agree with me when I say our Governor Jim Gibbons has done the right thing when he promises to wield his veto pen any time the legislators want to raise taxes. As far as the county and cities go in southern Nevada I doubt if many tax payers will be rushing to the podium asking the council or commissioners to raise our taxes. It looks like Clark County already anticipates the trouble by laying off 70+ employees. Now letís see the rest of our southern Nevada entities do the same. You can say well thatís all you old people do is say, donít raise my taxes. Well most of us have not had a pay check is some 25+ years so why shouldnít we say that?


   Our new administration has been in office for barely a year and we have already been hit by a terrorist. Not a good start and lucky for us no American nor anyone else were killed.† I do not want to see it happen to anyone on our land or in our air space for people coming into or leaving the US A. †We need to protect ourselves on land, by sea and in the air. No one should ever suffer violence coming to or flying in our air space or by any other form of transportation. I know this is asking for a tremendous effort by our government but so be it. Let me and the rest of our citizens see it the same way. Yes we can and must pay what ever it takes to make our country the safest in the entire world. We need to show the world that we will not take any thing from these radical terrorists who have nothing else better to do. We have a great country and I with millions of other GIís gave our blood sweat and tears to save this country in many wars that we did not start but had to finish.
  Think what a terrible thing it must be to see young men trained to give up their life by doing anything in attempting to kill us. And they call it a religion. I cannot believe it.


   Having just read an article on a Mr. Chanos who is one of the big Hedge Fund managers, It is his contention that China is more likely to fail in its projected 8% growth and in fact he thinks it may be way too high a projection. I also have wondered about all of the great projections on China with what looks like the very same bust and go for broke we did in this country in the past years. They seem to be doing the very same thing we did and in the end we had to pay the price for our greed to turn our world into gold at any price. China in a way reminds me of Russia in the late sixties when they were doing the same thing and it all collapsed. What happens in these dictator run countries is that the government needs to educate their smartest young people in order to grow at such a rapid rate and when they educate these young people and at the same time do not give them equal rights to be wealthy and heard by their government things began to unravel. We were in Russia before it happened and after visiting their plants, their planners and all up and down the line that made things happen it was obvious that there was a lot of unrest by these young well educated young people and it wasnít very long before their desires were to much for the country to hold back and it wasnít long before they had their own internal revolution. I believe Chanos sees the same thing happening in China. In fact with such a huge population it is very surprising that they have been able to keep the cap on all of their very young energetic people. Once people see others getting the gold the glitter gets to them also and before long the government cannot keep up with the desire to all be equals in their country. †We can only trust to the wisdom of our elected officials and bureaucrats to see to it that we have ample protection for young people in the military and to use them wisely if and when they may be needed.