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by Vice President Knight Allen
Originally published on June 08, 2017 - reprinted with permission

Thought you would like to see the Michael P. Ramirez editorial cartoon, "The US Election without the Electoral College" that I wrote about last month. Vern downloaded it off the internet for us.
   -Thanks Vern.

    This column is being written the day after the Legislature went sine die (the fancy term for finishing). It's way too soon to get a real handle on everything that went down but I want to give you a rundown on the key bills that were aimed at property taxes. I'm sure I don't have to tell you none of them were looking to lower taxes, a concept completely alien to far too many legislators. Anyway, let's take a look.

    SB489 & ACR7: Both of these proposed to have the Legislative Commission appoint a Committee "to conduct an interim study of property taxes." As the old Tennessee Ernie Ford song, 'Sixteen Tons' said, "If the first one don't get you, then the next one will." Well, SB489 went down but ACR7 passed but somehow did not get to the Assembly floor for a vote and also died. It's fate is a bit murky the day after the legislature shut down but it looks like we dodged two bullets. I'll check it just to be sure after the dust has settled. 
   SB425: This was an attempt to fix their problem with the "secondary cap" built into the original cap bill of 2005 and which has worked so well for us (see the column from the April 13, 2017 Foghorn). Thankfully this one went by the board. 
   SJR14: This is a proposal to change the Constitution to eliminate depreciation when a house is sold. The sponsor, Julia Ratti of Reno stated in testimony that under the proposal a 1963 home selling for $250,000 would see the property tax rise 2 1/2 times from $794 to $2,014. Nice. It passed both houses pretty much on a party line vote. It's a proposed Constitutional amendment so it will go through the same process in 2019 (aren't you glad the legislature only meets every other year?). After that it will come to the voters in 2020. I wonder what its chances will be.

        A thought or two about the attacks on the First Amendment's freedom of speech. According to the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) since the start of 2016 nearly 30 campus speeches have been shut down because some faction decided that what the speakers had to say was unacceptable to their delicate sensibilities. It's truly pathetic. These kids weren't born stupid. They were born, like all of us, ignorant. They had to be "educated" to the level of sheer stupidity they are exhibiting on campuses today.

        There is a world of difference between Voltaire's "I disapprove of what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it." And I hate what you say and I will do everything I can to keep you from saying it. The ironic part is that these kids parroting the trash their worthless professors are teaching them will probably be the first to fall victim to the oppression that has always been the result when free speech is destroyed. Don't worry folks, we'll most likely all be dust in the wind before that happens. See? I'm always looking at the bright side.

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