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Things We Think, Say and Do; Oh What Fun.
by Ken Mahal,  AIA,  NSC President
Originally published on  April 14, 2005 - reprinted with permission

  SENATOR HARRY REID what’s happened to you? You seem like an elderly Bull Elk who has lost his lady elk herd. Get over it, the election is over. Harry a little cooperation and honey goes a long ways. It is much better being a good looser than a ranting ragging sour puss. We need a lot done and being constructive will help so much more. Be a leader not a saboteur. Why pick on Senator Harry you say? Well almost never a day goes by now that he isn’t threatening to shut down the government if he doesn’t get his way and particularly in the selection of federal judges. Maybe he hasn’t heard that the majority does rule the day. Why not let the president send his nominees to the Senate for an up or down vote and get on with the work at hand. How much does he think we will get in Nevada with this attitude? We have very few representatives as it is so we are always likely to be on the short end of the stick when it comes to pork barrel for Nevada. Senator keep this up and you aren’t likely to get any more $40,000,000 grants from the DOE again like you did for the Harry Reid Center at UNLV a few years back.

CONGRESSMAN JON PORTER the same goes for you when it comes to Yucca Mountain. Do you think that a couple of scheming emails will stop the Yucca Mountain project from going ahead? Be realistic Jon. What we should be doing is getting behind reprocessing the spent fuel rods and quit worrying about storing the rods any length of time at all. Everyone must know that if the mountain will stay dry or not for 10,000 years is of no consequence because for sure some common sense will arrive and began to reprocess the spent rods to reuse the energy in new atomic generating plants. And why not have Nevada in the forefront of having the first nuclear power plants built in modules like the ones we have aboard our aircraft carriers and used some forty years with no problems what so ever. And remember the French have been reprocessing spent rods for years for their nuclear plants as has Japan including them buying the spent rods from Europe and transporting them to Japan.

C. C. C. MYRNA WILLIAMS says “no more bidding for buildings” after the fiasco at the Justice Center and of course add the new Jail, both a couple of years over due and millions in overrun of the building contract costs. These were and are yours and the entire Clark County Commissioners responsibilities; you are the ones who screwed up in the first place. Also isn’t it illegal for you to manipulate contracts without bidding them? And wouldn’t you would just be deeper in trouble? So Myrna just learn how to do bid them right or get out of the job and let some one do it that knows how to do it right. It can be done, I’ve been there.

MCCARRAN AIRPORT boss Randy Walker isn’t it time you take your last pay check and head for the hinterlands before you are snagged for the land deals costing Clark County millions upon millions of dollars in sweetheart deals? I’m still ticked over the land deal you gave Wal*Mart for a super center on Eastern in the Russell area. I wonder why that site wasn’t put out for bids. We know that Wal*Mart wouldn’t pay top buck unless they had to bid for it so again millions in the pocket of the wrong people.

SHERIFF BILL YOUNG should not get a favorable vote from the legislature for a ½ % sales tax grab split in ¼ % over several years. This is something everyone should contact their legislators over as soon as possible and as many people as possible to let your state Senator and Assemblyperson know how you feel about the issue. The worst thing we ever did was give the ¼% sales tax grab to the Las Vegas Water Authority. They have been on a spending spree like nobody’s business every since that time and wasting so much of it. In Sheriff Young’s case the Metro police department is well funded by Clark County and the City of Las Vegas. I have not seen one thing that tells me he should be given that extra money to spend with no one doing oversight on his spending. We need the oversight from the city and county which are elected officials and are expected to keep Metro in line And they by the way have millions more in revenue given the last sessions new taxes so they can approve new cops as needed in their budget where it belongs. Also as I have mentioned before we have more gated communities per capita than any other city in the country which means the sheriff’s numbers are bogus when it comes to using the national average on how many cops are needs.

PRESIDENT BUSH and Social Security is not with a capital “NOT” going to affect our pay checks. His proposal would be for another generation of people even after our baby boom kids retire and only a small amount would be allowed to be invested in things like government paper and index funds that have say a forty year track record of performance and approved by SS so there wouldn’t be the risk that those against it are screaming about. As for the short fall predicted to happen when the new system kicks in it could be handled like we wrote about in 2003 for reforming SS. In that proposal we suggested that the government issue “SS Refunding Bonds” paying like 5% tax free in 30 to 50 year bonds and I predicted that those bonds would be sold out practically overnight. In fact those bonds would be a good investment for even our age group.

OUR REAL-ESTATE TAXES WILL NOT DRIVE US OUT OF OUR HOMES as we hoped for with the legislature missing the dead line by only one day and the governor signed the bill making our taxes for 2005-2006 restricted to a 3% increase which is fine with me. What they did is make income producing properties like rental homes, apartments, office building and the likes capped at about an 8% increase which is fine by me also. At least we have dodged the bullet for the time being.

AJR 11 (Assembly Joint Resolution 11) will be heard April 14th at 1:30 pm at the Grant Sawyer building by teleconference. This is a proposed constitutional amendment to give a permanent real-estate tax break to seniors having lived here 10 years and with the amount of the break and the age of the seniors to be determined by state statute at a later date. We have been asked by Assembly Speaker Perkins office to comment.

SENATE BILL 256 is being used by the Public Utilities Commission to give any reduction in gas rates and other expenses as a credit to the non residential customers because according to some peoples reasoning the corporations are subsidizing the residential properties and they are going to stop that. So folks as it stands now don’t look for any rate reductions on your gas or electric bills by the PUC because they are going to give it to the businesses through flawed reasoning. Since when should the businesses get the reduction and we don’t. I would like to explain to the PUC and legislature that the people came here first and they did it all for themselves until enough people lived close enough together to call it a community. Then the so called businesses came along afterwards to sell their wares to the community. Have you ever seen a bunch of businesses build in a cluster any place with out people and homes there to buy their goods? Hell no that would never happen so since when have we been getting a rate reduction we don’t deserve? Businesses get the subsidy called business expensing when they fill out their taxes. We as home owners get no such deduction so reverse this stupid idea that we home owners are being subsidized.