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This, That and the Other Thing.
by Ken Mahal, NSC President
Originally published on  March 10, 2005 - reprinted with permission


  An open invite to Mayor Oscar Goodman to come to speak in May, not November. I promise you a Bombay Sapphire Gin and you can sip it while you talk to we retired ole duds. What’s the big flap over the Mayor talking about a little gin before a bunch of 11year olds in the Clark County School system? I suspect a lot of those kids have parents who belt a couple in front of them at home so why be so upset. In fact I remember having drinks in front of our kids and because we were such great parents they neither drank nor smoked while growing up. However the son in Germany has learned the culture and has his wine on a regular basis for dinner and I see the grandsons being like our kids. They aren’t boozing it up and it looks like they will grow up to be outstanding citizens just the same as our two sons. With such a lousy education system as we have in Clark County if I were a parent or the news media I would be a lot more concerned about the waste of hundreds of millions upon millions of tax-payer dollars every year in our failing education system. When most of the kids are not interested or qualified to go on to college, and most that do cannot read nor write at high school level, folks we have a lot worse problem than a boozy good ole boy Mayor talking a few seconds about his favorite libation. We got lots worse problems in this screwed up town than the good Mayor’s comments before the kids.


  In fact let’s talk about the screwed up surroundings that are getting worse by the second and none of it has to do with the Mayor and a little Bombay Gin. Although I understand him – anything for the buck – I can tell you as a Beefeaters Gin drinker I doubt that I would have given it up for a few lousy bucks like he did. The only thing that proves is that the Mayor is like everyone else in power or on the take, the God Almighty buck is more important than your convictions. And then there is my experience renewing my driver’s license. I went to the Sahara office of the DMV. If you want to get a gut ache from what is happening to this valley of sin just go there for several hours and watch the misfits of the country pushing their way into what they must think is a bucket of gold at the end of something and it ain’t no rainbow. It took me two (2) hours which isn’t too bad considering the kind of people moving in here. Looks to me like they are going to use up a lot of our tax dollars in more ways than just health care and schooling. Give me a break folks there is no quality of life anyplace in the growth that is taking place and it get worse by the hour. I cannot understand this bunch in control who thinks building houses, serving The Strip and the likes is leading to quality cities. In spite of what the Mayor says what I see is that we are slipping back faster every day when it comes to quality of anything. In just the last recent weeks you no longer can get across Tropicana at Pecos in less than 3 traffic light changes and it looks as though it is like that everywhere now. Also if you need a doctor you should not be so sick and in a hurry to pass into the beyond because your doctor’s sign-in sheet is filled for weeks on end. One of my doctors is available every two months whether I want to see him or not. And have you ever seen so many cars in your life? I think every person in this valley drives two cars and I mean two at a time. No wonder the rich are cruising over our heads in their noisy helicopters more and more each day. I now realize I should have worked a few more years so I could have afforded that kind of service. No kidding have you noticed the increase in those noisy birds? Makes me wish I had a couple of those 40mm ack-ack guns we carried on the big T (U.S.S. Ticonderoga 1944-1973 – editor). As for air traffic, my neighborhood has now become a flyover zone for landing and takeoffs at the airport and at no time were we ever notified that they intended to turn this air space into a jet zone, noisy enough to drive you up a tree. How do they get by not notifying people when they intend such big changes as a new take off and landing zone over your home? I know this is Las Vegas and anything goes and you can bet it will not be to improve your life style. Just ask the people who are being and will be removed in the future for these 10 and 15 lane highways that surely will be killers like the Woodbury speedway called the 215 Beltway which is being built at grade level until someday they can afford to depress it as should have been done or not have build it in the first place.

  Have any of you felt too sick to get out of bed and wondered what it was? If so have your sinuses checked and I will bet you they are a possible cause. Our air is so bad that even when it rains and we at least will get rid of some of the deadly dust and diesel smoke for a while, its place is taken by the pollen from all of the vegetation that drives you up a tree (pun? – Editor) so to speak. And speaking of green stuff have you noticed all of those neat little green pine trees that have turned into monster green pine trees that were intended to be grown in the forests to be used for lumber some day. Now they are so huge that if one is in your neighbor’s yard you wish it were in hell every time you have to rake up the needles that are everyplace. And in particular if you have desert landscaping and a lap pool as I do. Last but not least the solar heating pads I installed on the roof years ago are losing the sunshine. If you acquired a home some 20 plus years ago as I did I wonder if you have noticed the vacancy creep taking place in the business and shopping centers around your area? It is showing up more and more, and I would guess none of the planners are looking into why it is happening. Investors build more centers and are really building to many so as the population moves out in waves it is bound to leave the overbuilt centers behind and they began to lose tenants because merchants always want to be in the newest ones further out so we are seeing plenty of empty spaces showing up including large almost Wal*Mart sized spaces empty. Not good by any means. This just shows the stupidity of the lack of good planning. Other than all the above Las Vegas is one hell of a place to live. Well we have looked and it isn’t much better anyplace else except on Larry Paulson’s 30 acres in “No Place” Minnesota. At least that is what he tells me. In our case though Agnes and I would never move here today. How sad. It was the most wonderful place to live until the greed of the last 15 years destroyed something unique that is gone forever, no matter what our friend the Mayor thinks.

  By the way I passed my eye test with flying colors for my driver’s license so I am good for another 4 years. I wonder if God will let me use it up.

  Read the proposal for capping our real-estate taxes in this issue of the Foghorn (March 2005 - Page 5 – Editor) and know that it was sent to the state of Nevada Legislators. Now all of you put pressure on them to get something done.