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Water, Fishing, Oil, Garbage & ENRON
by Ken Mahal, AIA, Nevada Seniors Coalition President
Originally published on  July 13, 2006 - reprinted with permission


  Thatís what happens when we give a government agency too much power and too much money to go with it. I speak of the sales tax added several years back which has seen them on a spending spree like nobodyís business every since. This latest one to dig up our northern counties for miles of pipe lines and deep wells to suck up their water and ship it down to this valley of sin should be put up to a vote by the tax payers. If they are so interested in finding water in order to allow another million immigrants, whoops I meant to say another million outsiders to move to Las Vegas, I want to know who told them we tax payers want it. No one has ask me, has anyone ask you if you wanted another million outsiders including immigrants legal or illegal to grow this population another million people? I have not heard of one taxpayer who has said our best quality of life will be served by adding another million people from the outside. With 200,000 plus kids in school we surely do not need to invite more outsiders to begin with do we? Why not just stay close to the size we are, began to stabilize what we have, and for a change let some quality of life catch up with this insane growth. Tell me one thing that is working well in this entire area called Clark County and I will tell you that is one thing out of a dozen more that needs to be brought up to quality of life standards before we spend billions more on water pipes. Another million outsiders who with the present mix will most likely mean 20% retirees and the largest part of the remaining 80% will be in service industry jobs which means they must have at least two people working in jobs to keep up with the life style of the Joneses that keeps them in debt up to their arm pits and fills our schools to overflowing no matter how many buildings we build. We just do not need this kind of growth or at least I have not seen any place where someone or some groups of people have laid out a plan that shows we demand this type of growth and billions of debt that you must know is just the beginning of more new debt.
  A thought occurred to me that if we are so anxious to have another million people move into the area maybe we should do it the smart way. Instead of all those miles of pipe why not just lend the money to the northern counties on a low rate of interest and let them create a number of communities of their own. Then let them deal with the next rush of grow to the point where they enjoy the same quality of life that we have. I know that wouldnít be nice would it? Well then letís just call our elected officials and tell them we really do not need that pipe and water until we think our quality of life has caught up with us say in 30 years maybe. What do you think?


  Thatís right, according to the RJ he is including about 80 people who are regents, educators, deans, lobbyists, college presidents, a bank president and a couple of politicians for a trip to Canada fishing and he says none of them will be fishing together who could cause a conflict of interest so not to worry because there is so much good to be gained. I know all about fishing trips like this and to say there will be no conflict of interest is interesting to say the least. This sounds like a good mix of people who know all about such things. Where are the watch dogs of the press to be sure of that? Mr. Rogers is said to spend about $350,000 on the trip and they are saying this is not to be called a gift. I wonder what other name there is for gift that makes it legal? These are great trips but I am not so sure that this is the best way to bring this group of people together. It is the mix of people that also raises a question.


  With crude oil over $70 dollars a barrel how can there not be gouging? Somebody is pricing oil out of the market so they say. That is what happens when too many people want what you have and there is no alternative. That is what we have today and I doubt that it is going to change very soon. Did you see the article where at $70 dollars a barrel, Saudi Arabia would take in $661 million per day, UAE a little sand spit would take in $168 million a day and Iraq would take in $147 million per day plus Russia, Venezuela and on and on? No wonder our South American dictator is getting so gutsy. Donít you wonder what that does to the price of gasoline in Europe where they already paid $4 or $5 dollars equivalent several years ago when we were in Germany? I talked to my son who lives there and they think nothing of it because there is nothing they can do about it and I guess the same could be said for us only we arenít used to that kind of price for our gasoline. Their cost also has always had much higher taxes on gasoline than we are used to. I remember not too long ago when oil was $20 dollars a forty gallon barrel. With our cars being 15 years old at least we are not being taxed to pieces by the state on our license plates any longer because we have reached the states minimum charge. I see a lot of really nicely designed cars today and am glad I wont buy one as long as we live in Nevada with their ridicules prices on our license plates. At least we can do something about that part of our costs but canít do anything about the cost of gasoline other than plan our driving a little better. And the last thing I want to do is take a bus.


  I see where our Republic garbage pickup wants to make it once a week with a big monster of a container that we throw everything into. Well I for one can tell you that since we already do recycling we are happy the way it is. But if they want to change I donít see why they canít come twice a week and just keep the containers we have and throw everything into them. I wouldnít mind getting rid of the recycling containers they now have so why not do that. I know it is too simple and it is one more trip a week than they want. Well I for one do not want ours and our neighborís garbage standing around two weeks in the summer time for sure.


  What a way to go. To set through months of misery at a trial for his crimes and then die of a massive heart attack. Well at least he didnít cost we taxpayers the cost of incarceration. I often have wondered why crooks are crooks. It has always seemed to me that honesty works and if you want to get richer then just work harder. I had a friend Curt Carlson who owned the Radisson Hotel chain plus tons more and never was happy unless he was making money. And I think he died happy making money to the last minute but at least he didnít do it in a manner that was against the law and more power to him if that is what he wanted to do. For me I was happy twenty five years ago when I quit working and havenít missed work one bit since then. I guess some of us are just made different.