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What, Why, Do We, Think
by Ken Mahal, NSC President
Originally published on  July 9, 2009 - reprinted with permission


   It is interesting to see that our great countryman, retired General Colin Powel has come out and suggested that our president should slow down and not have so many irons in the fire. I think he sees what so many others see is that there is so much being pushed onto Congress that no one is really sure what is happening and in particular to the financial strength of the U.S.A.. Now we have Russia and India added to China asking that some other form of currency other than the US dollar be used as the world exchange currency. I am not sure what this would do to our place in the world but with the trillions we are going into debt one can hardly blame other countries from not taking advantage of our apparent weakness given the massive amount of debt we are accumulating around our necks. Our debt is getting so huge that future generations as far out as we can see will be burdened with these trillions of new debt being added. I know that none of us have ever seen anything like this in our lifetime with the only ones coming close may be the Germans before World War I when it took a wheel barrow full of money to pay for a loaf of bread. Let us hope and pray nothing like this happens to us in the U.S.A.
(See “The Curious Capitalist”, TIME, July 13, 2009, Page 25}


   Given our policy of Green energy which means solar and wind turbines being the major source of energy and the desire to shut down coal, oil and gas as primary sources of supply makes us very vulnerable to the Arab oil cartel. Think about it the more we discourage coal, oil and gas the more locked we are on higher prices when we have nothing to replace that energy with. Anyone should know that if you want to shut down your countries energy sources that has been our primary source of energy used for a hundred plus years before we have an energy source to replace it with we certainly will set ourselves up for some very fancy price fixing which surely is something we do not need in this country at this time. I say flood the market with drilling for gas, oil and mining coal. There is no reason that we shouldn’t use all of our energy sources and make ourselves less energy dependent on anyone. From my experience that would lead us to a much lower cost of energy at all levels. In fact if they want to have a quick start make jobs thing, they should start an immediate effort to bring natural gas from Alaska down by pipe line to the lower 48. That would mean thousands of jobs from mining iron ore for the pipe line, and all the other work for processing the natural gas from Alaska to our homes and factories. This would make a big jobs boost and keep energy prices down as well. We have plenty of clean burning natural gas in the lower 48 that we should develop as well as the oil that is a part of the natural gas business. The same goes for coal. We do know how to clean burn coal and there is no reason to shut down the mines in Wyoming as well as the eastern coal. We have several hundred years of coal and we might as well use it. One more source of energy that would bring our gasoline and natural gas costs down would be the building of nuclear plants and today we know how to build them for our navy so why not produce packaged plants for such cities as Las Vegas or any other city that could use a packaged nuclear plant? We have no shortage of energy we just have a SHORTAGE OF CLEAN HONEST THINKING BY OUR POLITICIANS.


   We are lead to believe that 40,000,000 (forty million) people are without health care in our country. I don’t believe it and I doubt if anyone who has done their home work believes it either. But if you have the money you can buy the ink by the barrel in order to convince, we the little people, that those numbers are real and if you think a few tens of thousands of dollars in cost a year for everyone it makes for another big government project headed by the federal government. This sounds like some $100 toilet seats are being bundled up for our purchase come April 15th next year at tax time. Sometimes I wonder if we have people in Washington who are making make work jobs for their kids graduating from college and looking for a new job. They wouldn’t do that would they? Oh but yes and then some for those of us who have spent any time in Washington D.C.
If our prescription drug program is any example I hold my breath in anticipation of the hidden items in the bill that none of us ever know about until quite some time after the bill is made into law and it is too late to change anything. A few things have arisen already and we don’t even have the engines turned on yet. Here are a few items that we need to be aware of. 1. Probably the most important one would be the elimination of the H.M.O. (home maintenance organization) program that many of you have. Talk it up and we need to decide on some kind of effort to stop it. 2. Elimination of “In home care” That would mean no one could come to the home to provide in house care rather than having a patient spend time in a facility away from home. 3. Elimination of home oxygen service where the oxygen generator is in you home thus making it more costly and time consuming to get your oxygen. In all of this we need to get people together to meet with our Senators and Congressmen in Washington D.C.


   It’s that time of the year when our triple digit climate change is upon us. So what to do? Remember to drink plenty of water without the sugar in it, if you know what I mean. Wear loose clothing to keep the air moving to cool us down a bit. Don’t forget sun lotion and sun glasses (listen to who is talking I do none of it). This is important. In our case Agnes has been treated for Carcinoma (skin cancer). While she is fair skinned she also was not one to spend time sun bathing. So no one ever knows. In my case I served on the USS Ticonderoga for about 18 months in the South Pacific (mostly off the coast of Tokyo Bay) and when I came home it took me 4 years for my sun tan to disappear. All I can say is that if you have any spots that do not seem to heal or irregular get to a skin cancer specialist as soon as possible. Different sun angles make a lot of difference. In some places one can burn very quickly and other locations it takes a very long time. We went to the Caribbean on one trip and in four hours I had a burn close to third degree burn and it took some time to heal. I bought a Asian type straw hat for a dollar at the second-hand store and found it a great way to keep the sun off, so everyone has their own way of dealing with our sunshine. THAT'S ALL FOR NOW UNLESS YOU KNOW SOMETHING I DON’T KNOW, THEN TELL ME ALL ABOUT IT AT THE MEETING OR CONTACT VERN OR I.