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These authors have contributed a number of valuable and interesting articles for the enlightenment of our members.  The articles are archived below for reference and further information.  For information on how to contribute an article, please contact NSC President, Vernon Perry.

Knight Allen, NSC Vice-President
EC Does It, Who Are We To Judge, Letís Get
PERSonal, SOBs, Better Late Than Never, 
Whyo, Whyo Do They Call Me From I O Wa.
Potpourri April 2019
Potpourri March 2019
The Sun Also Sets
His Story
Potpourii December 2018
The Mid Term Elections of 2018
and Why November?
Questions We Got Questions (and Answers)
Thank You North Platte, Nebraska
Potpourii September 2018
Potpourii July 2018
The Gun Debate
Potpourii May 2018
Guardian Angels, Money, We Got Money, A 
Rosanne By Any Other Name Would Be A Conner
Potpourri 2018
The ďSunĒ also sets, We got trouble with a capital T†
and it rhymes with D and it stands for Dumb, Holy Cats!
It's Fun to go to the DMV, He Bit the Coin,
Good Knight Irene
The First Is Last
Walls go Up, Governments Go Down,
And the Eagle Has Landed A Drone
One Winner, A Lot Of Losers
No, No, My Gov Said No, No He Didnít Say Yes*
Remember The Heroes, Not The Politicians
Steady As She Goes
Final Meetings Recap
Questions, We got Questions
Oh Say I Can't See
On and On and Off
Mid-Year Report from the
The Eagle Has Landed, Donít Put Stock in it, Pop Goes the Weasel
Hell No I Wont Get a Raise, 
Complain, Give Up or Go!

Parking Fee, Let It Be - Taxed
The Fat Lady Ain't Yet Sung
SUNSET in Nevada Speak Up, If You Agree With Me
A Taxing Situation
I'm Shocked By This, Yogi
Knight's Job is Taxing and Oil is a Gas Solar, Soccer - US Beats Them Again
Us vs Them, SCOTUSCARE, 
Tax Is, What If, Money Talks?
Dicey, Icy, Pricy
SoB 252
Sandoval, Tesla and Mahal
Be On Your Guard, BDR No's, Be Calling
Double Trouble, 49er and Three Percent
The End Is Near - Thank God
Democrats Almost Zero, Republicans Won
Is There a Duesenberg in Nevada's Future?
Succor for Soccer, We Ain't Got 
No Class, Vote Smart

The Green, Green Grass of Whom
Thank You Mr Bloomberg
Coal, Cosmos and Sterling are Fired
Play it Safe, Yes on Shafe
Not For Three
Watch Your Purse in Kansas
Go Green, Lose Green
Follow the Leader - If you can find one
Sisolak the Good & the Bad
Peace, Safety, Chalk & Stamps
Eminent Domain, War 
and the Setting Sun
Your Tax Dollars at Work?
Don't Misuse Eminent Domain
Last Word on Property Taxes
One Bill down, One Bill up 
and a Mahal Call
Knight's Back & Bills Ahead
Special Sessions & Special People
Shear Nonsense
Big Government, Big Brother
Having Fun With a Fund
Take A Constitutional
On the Financial Frontline It's A Real
(Negative) Gasser

Charting the Republican and 
Obama Budgets

It's all Greek to me
PUC Meeting - Jan 18
Smart Meters are Dumb
Supercommittee, Influenza and Daze of Yore
Money, Money, Money
What To Do When Your
Government Despises You (Part 2)

Invest Everything, Save Nothing
Knight is Right
Goodies from the 2011 Legislature
Letter to the 2011 Legislature
Abbot and Costello and Other Disasters
Civil War Battlefields
Nevada Politics - Past and Present
When Ken's Away, Knight Will Play
Vernon Perry, NSC President
Problems, We All Have Problems 
No Respect
Knight & Miscellaneous
Congress, Richard & Jackie
North of the Border Good Luck Nevada
     Ken Mahal, NSC Past-President
Bad Decisions, Driving,
Weather, Economy, Snow

Rambling Thoughts for 2010
The Mayor, The Flu, The President
 The Health With It
What, Why, Do We, Think
Healthcare, Pipedreams & the Finger
Letters We Don't Print,
but the DMV Wants Them

Give Us A Break
Stocks Down, Energy Down,
Down With Health

This That and the Other
Election Cost, Is the Country Lost?
Carless, Moneyless, Toothless,
Nomination, Abomination
Unhappy, Unknowing, Unpublished 
Foghorn Blaster
Goodman, Good Men, Bad Men 
Looking Back, Backup and Going Back
Passt The Presentdent?
Happy 2008?
Last Words of 2007
Lost and Losing It
Wynners and Losers
Notes From The Fall
Taxes, Taxes, Power 
& In The Hole

Immigration & Legislation
Fools, Schools, Questions, 
Taxes and Guns

Scooby Doo, Rory & Pat
Time, Taxes & Growth
Iraq, the 74th Legislature & the Sheriff
Merry Christmas 2006 &
Happy New Year in 2007
D, SWNA, Vote, NEF, XMas
Medicare Means Testing
Supremes, Drugs, Means, Checks & Oil
Bad Ideas and Good News
Water - Fishing - Oil - Garbage & ENRON 
To Drive or Not To Drive
Immigration - Arbitration - Consternation
Corruptions - Prescriptions - Subscriptions & Deportations   
Thank You Governor Kenny Guinn,
We Got Our $75.00 Check

Merry Christmas and
Happy New Year To All
Its Labor Day 2005 and Counting
Drugs, Bombs, Cops, Houses and Supers
Xmas Gift Day for LVMPD Time To Go For Broke With TABOR?
Sheriff Young Needs No Special
Quarter Percent Sales Tax
Things We Think, Say and Do; Oh What Fun
NSC Good Experience List
This, That and the Other Thing
  'Tis The Time Of Year To Reflect
500+ Protest Killer Real Estate Tax Bite
No, No, Thirteen Times No!!!
Public Employees
Retirement System

When You Can't Think Of Anything To Write About . . .
Governor Guinn:  Call A Special Session To Cap Our Taxes
Killer Taxes Coming
Stop Volcanic Tax Increases
Is It Progress?
Gifts for Veterans or just Politics?
SNWA & Hobbs "Snake Eyes" Report
Gibbons Tax Initiative Needs to Die On Arrival
Prescription Drugs Campaign Finance Reform
Medicare Reform
Save Social Security


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